Essay on My Neighborhood Writing Rules

A good neighbor is a great advantage. However, a bad neighbor is a curse. A good neighbor will make life truly worth living by sharing our joys and sorrows, yet a bad neighbor is a source of regular trouble and nuisance. 

As luck would have it, we have both good and terrible neighbors. Essay on My Neighborhood Sample Our next door neighbor is a doctor. He lives with his family. He is employed in the local clinic. His family consists of his wife and a son of around my age. The doctor's wife is a housewife who looks after the family and their only child. 

They are definitely good people. My mother is quite friendly with the doctor's wife, as well as I with his son. Whenever someone falls sick in our house, we seek the treatment from doctor uncle. And he treats the patient as one of his own family. So my father, occasionally, sends some kinds of gifts for his little child. My mother also frequently sends candies, fruits and flowers to our good neighbour's house. In some cases, my mother takes the doctor's wife to the movie theatre hall, or to the temple, or for shopping. Buy Powerful and 

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